Project Description


Jacie Oosthuizen, whose family has farmed fruit, vegetables and export Proteas, attracted a few passionate wine lovers to invest in a dream of owning a cellar that produces iconic, world class wines. This marked the establishment of Lord’s Wines 2003.

The wine farm of 33ha is part of the original Oosthuizen farmland and the name “Lord’s” is a result of Jacie’s devotion to the game of cricket and its home – Lord’s Home of Cricket – in North West London.

Slide LORD'S
Produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this
well-balanced Méthode Cap Classique is full-bodied on the
palate with hints of yeast and fresh green apple aromas.
Lively bubbles with a lingering mousse.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge 2018 - Double Gold
Slide LORD'S
Produced from Pinot Noir grapes, this Méthode Cap Classique
boasts an elegant pink hue with delicate bubbles,
fresh strawberry aroma on the nose and pure Pinot Noir
notes of dark berries on the palate.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge 2018 - Double Platinum
Slide LORD'S
Produced from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, this dry Rosé
redeemed its brilliant pink colour from the short skin contact.
Full exotic cherry and raspberry aromas with a lingering
creaminess on the palate.

AWARDS: Vitis Vinifera 2016 - Gold Award
Slide LORD'S
Handpicked in two batches for optimum flavour development,
this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc offers aromas of fresh tropical
fruit with lush grassy flavours lingering on the aftertaste.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge 2018 - Double Platinum
Slide LORD'S
Fermented and matured in French Oak barrels.
This medium-bodied Chardonnay presents bold fruit aromas
and nuttiness on the mid-palate that leads through
to a clean lingering finish.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge 2018 - Double Silver
Slide LORD'S
This luscious Shiraz boasts sensational flavours that affirm the very
best food enhancing characteristics.
Oak matured to produce a silky, velvet mouth feel with a slight spicy
feeling on the swallow.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge - Double Silver
Slide LORD'S
An intense purple colour with white pepper and ripe plum
on the nose, this voluptuous wine ends with rich dark chocolate
and smoky flavours that linger on the aftertaste.
Great aging potential.

AWARDS: National Wine Challenge 2017 - Double Gold